Ticket cancellation

Allow your audience to cancel tickets in return for a voucher so you can resell the tickets.

Everyone stands to benefit from automated ticket cancellation. The customer who can't make it to the event receives a voucher instead of losing their money. You can resell the tickets and increase revenue, and there are fewer no-shows. The entire process is fully automated to eliminate additional workload.  

Because most terms & conditions stipulate that tickets won't be refunded, people don't cancel when they can't attend your event, leaving you to deal with no-shows. Empty seats at sold-out events irk fans and organizers, especially if the event has a waiting list of people eager to buy a ticket. For the event's artists, seeing empty seats could be disheartening too.  

Offering customers an easy way to cancel tickets reduces the number of no-shows and allows you to resell the tickets and grow your audience.

In exchange for the cancellation, your customer can automatically receive a payment voucher for the value of their tickets, minus a fee that you set. You define the value and lifetime of the payment voucher. The customer can use it to buy tickets for other events from your ticket shop. 

Ticket cancellations are only possible within the boundaries of your cancellation policy, to protect you against losses and generate additional revenue. And obviously, you decide for which event and which ticket prices cancellations are possible. You could, for example, charge a slightly higher amount for tickets that are allowed to cancel. It's entirely up to you.

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